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Kim Selby

Are You Desiring a Change in Your Life?

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3 Quick exercises to get you started in changing your life.

Bored?  Distracted?  Unfulfilled at work? Looking for What’s Next?

You are not alone sister!  I am here to say congratulations. You have just taken the first step in shaking up your life. Realizing that something needs to change and being AWARE of that fact has set your brain in motion. If you are ready to take action and live a happier, more fulfilled life, this is your time.

We are always told that change is good. Shake up the routine, step out of your box. But until you are ready to take a step forward, no manner of talking is going to convince you to take that first step.

But as you are ready….(and you wouldn’t be, if you weren’t reading this). Here you go – this is FUN, I promise.

What did you like to do the most when you were young? What gave you great joy, something you just couldn’t wait to do, play or create?  Was it finger painting, or making doll clothes, organizing blocks by color? Dig deep inside and take a few moments to journal about what gave you great joy as a youngster. And by journal, I mean, use a cocktail napkin, index card, sticky note, computer….whatever is handy. Don’t make a big deal out of it (unless you want to of course).  There right in front of you are some possible new occupations which you can explore to help make a change that is right for you! Or at least you might find a passion which you can explore through a class. (That is making a change in itself!)

I’m not kidding. BUT, try walking backwards, or skipping, or take your car, a bus or subway to someplace new. Get out and just walk for 5 minutes. Take a timer and set it. This isn’t for exercise, well it is, but not the heart pumping kind, it’s to exercise a different part of your brain. Choose a color and see what things you can find that are yellow or green, or purple. Focus only on that color. You will be amazed at the pathways that open in your brain.  You are beginning the process of change by introducing a different way of looking at the world.

Go into a store that has clothes or accessories that you would never, ever, ever wear. Try something on, look at yourself in the mirror and pretend. Ask yourself questions, What would I do if I wore this gold metallic scarf? What would my persona be?  Think about how you would walk, talk or act, or what characteristics you might portray. (This exercise is particularly delightful when done with a friend or two!)

JUST go for it and make a change….you can always go back to home base…but you may not want to!

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