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Kim Selby

Find Your Creative Expression

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YES, you can unleash the creative genius hidden inside.

Have you always wanted to write a magazine article, but were too afraid, didn’t have enough time, or didn’t know where to start?  Or perhaps you want to learn to sing, or play an instrument. Whatever your creative dream in life, it is never too late to unleash the creativity that is lurking within.

EVERYONE is creative. You don’t have to be an artist to consider yourself creative.

The Mom who bakes cupcakes for the classroom (gluten free, no nuts etc. etc.) - is Creative.

Your co-worker who decorates your office with photos of your favorite hunks for your birthday – is creative.

Your husband (partner, boyfriend) who writes a heartfelt note on a piece of paper – is creative.

When you select which earrings to wear, or which shoes to put on, guess what? You are being creative.

Can you be more creative?  YES, I’m sure of it. Everyone can be. Even if we can’t paint like Georgia O’Keefe or sing like Barbra Streisand, or throw pottery, design a dress, cook a gourmet meal – we can create. We do it every day, and we can enhance our creativity by looking at things a little differently.

Creative Expression is really simple to do through what you wear. Go to a flea market or second hand store and buy a funky pin to add to an outfit. It might take a bit of nerve to pull it off, but just do it. So what?  Look for inspiration on Pinterest or other fashion websites to get ideas.

Get out of the house –Go to a museum, a play, a movie. See what stirs your soul. Don’t just zone out, pick one thing and focus on it. Notice the way the music swells in a movie, think about what the chase scene would be like if there were calm soothing sounds emanating from the speakers, rather than the loud, cacophony that usually accompanies cars, boats, trains racing across the screen. This is true creative expression by the musicians who composed the score.

Head to a library and browse. Particularly fun is finding the cook book section. You don’t have to create a masterpiece, but you might get some great new ideas on how to cook up some ground turkey, or even decorate a table. This can also be done in front of a computer, however, getting yourself out and about, often stirs the creative juices. And in a library, you will find yourself heading to the mystery section, the magazines you never buy, or even the dvd’s. Hey they are free here! Creative Expression is all around you, just you’re your eyes and tune in.

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  1. Way Cool, Kim! Congrats on a beautiful and creative website & blog ... KMCC e-smiles!! :-)