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Kim Selby

How to Stop Procrastinating!

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Three quick ways to tip the scale and move you forward. (Particularly when looking to pursue a creative dream)

Are you looking to pursue your creative dream, but just keep putting it off?

Ok, we all do it. We put it off until tomorrow, and then the next day and then well…you get the idea.  We just have to finish this season of  Project Runway, or Downtown Abby or we just need a few minutes to see what CNN or Vogue said on Twitter today…and before you know it, where did the time go?

OR we are in total and complete overwhelm….where do I start? I have to clean the house, wash my hair, get the manicure, host the party. The excuses flow from one end of the spectrum to the next.

BUT – there are a few things you can do to help jump start your brain and begin that novel, painting, recipe, design….whatever YOUR creative passion is.

ONE – Start Small!
Take, teeny, tiny steps. And I mean really, itsy bitsy steps. Whether your goal is to clean your house, write a novel, or confront an ex, thinking about one small thing you can do towards this goal will help overcome the fear that is triggered in our brain, that fear which often causes procrastination. 

For example if you want to write the Great American Novel.  You might choose to take 3 minutes every other day writing two sentences.  This may sound silly, BUT, you will be creating a habit and tricking your brain (which is afraid of writing this huge novel).  Starting small and sticking to it, WILL

TWO – Make it FUN!
Instead of thinking, OMG, I told myself by age 30 – 40 or whatever, that I would have written my novel, so I HAVE to do it.  Change your thinking. By simply saying I GET TO, instead of have to, you will make the act of doing the dreaded thing, dare I say it?  FUN.

THREE -  Give yourself Permission to not have to be perfect!
This is huge. Just acknowledging that you don’t have to write a moving, gut wrenching, captivating paragraph every time you sit down to write will free you up to write from the soul, or clean only one corner of the room, or design a dress that isn’t quite perfect.

What is your creative dream that you are procrastinating?

(These tricks and more ideas on overcoming Procrastination are adapted from the book, THE MUSE IS IN, by Jill Badonsky

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