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LIVE WITH ABANDON - Sounds great doesn't it?

HOW do we really do that with the rigors, chores and responsibilities of daily life jumping into our path? If it’s not a daily 9 – 5 job, it is children, laundry, cleaning the toilets (yep, I went there), washing our hair, dogs, patios, walking our dogs, cats, iguanas or llamas.

The idea of living with abandon sounds so glamorous – and to me it conjures up visions of spontaneity, living on the edge, strolling aimlessly with excess time to smell the proverbial roses, as it were.  But isn’t that a dream and not a reality?

Kind of sort of yes. BUT, here it comes folks, the big reveal, hold on now…..drumroll please - I think the key to living with abandon is figuring out how to do so within the framework of what we “have” to do.  Not such a big revelation now is it?

This all kind of fits in with my theory that living a creative outside of the box life, gives us more pleasure, happiness and joy. I mean, really, the same old, same old gets a little dull let’s face it. And as much as it takes work sometimes to do things in a different way, I truly believe once we do that, we will be oh so delighted that we did.


Can be as simple as giving up something you know you shouldn’t really be doing, like playing spider solitaire in my case. AND, doing something that feeds your soul, or stretches you. FOR instance, I started writing this while waiting to be called into the jury holding area, to wait some more to be called into the courtroom, to wait even further to see about being on an actual jury. WELL, the lazy part of me wanted to play a game of solitaire on my ipad or iphone. However, I took a deep breath and grabbed my spiral notebook and pen and started writing (with abandon of course). And you know what? It felt kind of great. I always love writing once I put pen to paper or finger to keyboard, it’s that starting thing that feels like it takes a bulldozer to get going. I even got that tingle that means this is what I should be doing. Yup, writing blogs probably for my own benefit and maybe one or two readers who will smile or chuckle or even step outside the box - that's what the tingle is all about.

So as I wrote, as much as I wanted to “abandon” the building and walk right out of the security doors, into the beautiful California sunshine, I knew I wouldn’t do it. See, I’m a rule follower and at times that’s a good thing. Once we all got into the actual courtroom, abandoning all writing and reading materials and turning off all cellular devices, we had one tough judge. One woman, who had been in the jury room, didn’t quite make it upstairs to the courtroom and boom, her arrest was ordered and she had a $5,000 bail put on her head. Whoa, good thing I’m a goody two shoes. I think it was best that I lived with abandon in my head and on paper instead of heeding the call of the great outdoors. (And by the way, no jury duty for me this year, got released due to an upcoming trip!)


 Perhaps walking the dogs would be less tedious if I took the time to throw them in the car and drove to a different location. Abandoning my regular route would bring new sights and smells for them and me. Or, how about letting go of the fears and frustrations that haunt many of us, for just a few minutes, and letting the universe guide us.  That’s what I’m going to try. First thing tomorrow, when I wake up with a million things buzzing inside of my head, my usual thoughts about what am I going to be when I grow up, I’m going to say, OK universe, I abandon my what ifs and I don’t know if I’m good enoughs, and let it up to you.  Chances are, something great will come my way.  There is so much more to life than the box in which we put ourselves. We need to dream, visualize, imagine and take baby steps toward adventure. I guarantee life will open it’s doors for you when you do so. I invite you to take a toddler’s step towards living life with abandon, try something out of the ordinary and SEE how you FEEL!

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