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Another Facebook Quiz? Why oh why do I keep taking them?

Facebook Quizzes or 
What city, country, village, universe is right for me?

Admit it, you’ve all done one, or two, or twelve…. What romance heroine are you, what color are you? Which fashion icon best represents your personality? 

We are always looking for answers, even through facebook quizzes.  They are fun, and silly and quirky,  but there is something primal about taking these quizzes. We hope they will unlock some mystery inside, some answer to a question we may not even know.  I am always looking for the answer to what’s next for me. I take these quizzes in the hopes that discovering that I am a “purple” or my aura is sliver, or I am a painter from the renaissance will assist me in identifying my true purpose in life. Perhaps they will unlock the key to what is next for me.(I KNOW that’s not true, yet I take them anyway). And for the record, I DO know what I am supposed to be doing, stay tuned for the answer in a few more blog posts.....

In reality, the quizzes are just plain fun for some, a procrastination tool for others (I find myself in that arena too) or here it is folks...  I am sure that some people take them seriously. What if you get an answer you don’t particularly like? For instance on FB the other day, there was a quiz to quickly determine your IQ. HECK, I was afraid to take it, even though I know better, I didn’t want to get a low score. Then I would feel badly about myself, compare myself to others and my ego would kick in. I work so hard not to have that happen, so I ignored it. There are probably peeps out there who take something like that seriously (ok, so maybe I was one of them.....but not really, but kind of.)

If all the emails I receive and bloggers out there are correct,  many of us are searching for what’s next. People are often either unsure, unhappy, or dissatisfied with life.. SO many who seem happy on the outside, are often struggling on the inside. Hoping beyond hope that the answer to what will make them happy, content or just plain feel alive, is in the quizzes or the classes or the (fill in your own blank here).


...are so many of us struggling. I think it is partially because that is why we are put here on earth -  to discover, unlock, unleash, explore, and eventually unearth our true life’s goal. For many this is easy, they have found it at an early age. For some of us it is more difficult. We feel like we know what we are supposed to be doing and yet we can’t quite get to it. It’s like an archaeological dig. Exploring here and there, digging in this corner and that, reading the latest self-help book, listening to a webinar on how to manifiest millions or unlock your hidden passion.  I wish I had an answer for all of our questions and could help everyone unlock and unleash. But I struggle along with everyone else, reading, watching, listening and meditating. (stay tuned, I can help some of you!)


I will say that I truly believe the answers to our questions lie within us. We may not want to hear what our inner wisdom is telling us, but we always know when we take a misstep. Something inside reverberates and says, oh man I just knew I should or shouldn’t have done this or that. We just need to catch that before we take a step that isn’t in the right direction.  The only suggestion I have for doing this is to stop, breathe, close your eyes and focus.  Focus on the question, the problem, the desire. Take several slow deep breaths, then when the mind is somewhat calm, focus on the issue. IF you are really able to slow your heart rate, not get agitated and truly focus  - something will come to you. You may negate the thought or impression you receive, but if you don’t, and truly follow what your heart is telling you, most likely you will reap the benefits of this short exercise. I know it’s nothing new, it’s not rocket science and it’s not going to be on the cover of scientific American. However, it might just unlock one answer to one question.

If not, you can always go back to Facebook for a quiz on “What planet best suits my personality….” Hmmmm…

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