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Kim Selby

An Attitude of Gratitude!

Thank you!

Those two words convey so much and have the power to help us receive, meditate, calm our active minds, and manifest.  There is a buzz around gratitude now, in part due to social media. Circulating on Facebook is the Gratitude challenge, (the inspiration for this post.) You are “nominated” by someone to share three things each day for a week,  for which you are grateful. Several variations of this are making the rounds, but no matter which incarnation you see, or get nominated for, or actually do – it is the thinking about what you are grateful for, that I believe has the ability to actually change your life.

I was fortunate enough to be raised by parents for whom gratitude was a huge deal. Like many of my peers , I was reminded time and again until it was drilled into my core, to say thank you to everyone for almost everything. Happily it stuck and I passed this on to my own children (hopefully they are remembering what they were taught). I dutifully hand wrote thank you notes (still do), and said Grace each night at dinner. That’s what we called it, Grace, not a prayer  - although indeed that is what it was.

GRACE comes from the Latin word gratia, which means a pleasing quality, favor or goodwill and gratitude.  As an only child, it was my responsibility to say grace each evening. I was encouraged to change it up every night, but always included “thank you for the abundance that you have brought before us” (referring to food, but WOW it encompasses so much more).

I have continued to live an abundant life. Can it be due to my oft repeated phrase “thank you for the abundance before us”?  
This was the most predominant phrase I repeated hundreds of times as I was growing from toddler to teen to young adult.
I certainly didn’t think about it at the time, but as it was a part of my core belief, it has stuck with me and yes, created the abundance I have.

My abundance has appeared in so many different forms throughout life. It hasn’t always been financial, I lived paycheck to paycheck like so many and shopped at Target and the like for kid’s clothes  - ok I still do, but it’s a choice not a "have to" now. I never felt a huge lack – because I was always grateful for what I DID have and tried not to focus too much on what WASN’T in my life! (oh hello law of attraction….focus on what you want etc. etc. and lo and behold it appears!)

I have always had an abundance of friends who support me, make me laugh at myself, cry with me, and play with me, and an abundant family life. I’m not flying first class, YET, but I am travelling and enjoying what life has to offer. And you can bet, I am THANKFUL each day for everything that comes my way. Now I KNOW that we can manifest great things in our life and being grateful is one key way to get them to us. I have often thanked the universe in advance for providing for me. I manifested our tree house by focusing on what I wanted and being grateful in advance for a wonderful new home with a view.

As I scroll through the FB posts and read my friend’s gratitude lists, I am continually amazed at the impact this simple act has on folks. Actually taking the time to acknowledge the abundance that is in our lives, opens our eyes to how fortunate we truly are. That in turn will bring more good fortune, more abundance, and more of everything we desire into our lives. If you don’t believe me, I invite you to try it. Not on social media, not for anyone else, but for YOU. Every day for at least 21 days (takes that long for a habit to really grab hold) challenge yourself to write at least 3 – 5 things, qualities you posess, people  – anything, for whom or for which you are grateful. (Don’t berate yourself if you skip a day or days, it’s more the THINKING, rather than the writing, that will ultimately have an impact - but writing is so, so powerful). You can create a gratitude journal, or write them on sticky pads, or keep a jar on your desk into which you place your lists once written.

Participating in this challenge on facebook has my OCD brain constantly spinning while thinking of the myriad of things for which I am grateful. 

I am grateful that I have the ability to put a sentence together, the audacity to write a blog, and mostly,  I am grateful that YOU took the time to read this.

THANKs again.....Kim

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