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4 High Octane ways to fuel up to make it through “the” season!

Yes indeed it’s that time of year once again. The interweb is bursting with articles on the approaching holiday season, and you guessed it, here is my version.

Some of you may already be in a tailspin thinking of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s – and since “the” decorations have been sprouting up for the past 6 weeks, it is not a surprise. To be fair, Thanksgiving IS really right around the bend, but it’s ok if you haven’t “ordered” your turkey, I don’t think the stores will be depleted! Many of you may be waiting until the calendar hits 12/1/14. THEN, you will hurriedly search the internet, scour the stores, make a list, lose it, make another list, lose your mind, freak out, stress out, spend too much money, fret about that, hurry, hurry, hurry….collapse.  Does that sound familiar to anyone?

I am right there with you, especially the spend too much money thing. For some reason, (ok call it commercialism) I totally overspend during the holidays, but NO MORE. I will be following the 4 steps below to ensure a sane celebratory season. These are not new or earthshattering ideas, but you may find they will help in some small way.

Use your inside voice, but give yourself a mandatory time out EVERY day. Do whatever you want to do for 1 – 5 minutes. You can even sit in a chair in the corner if you must. Taking the time to breathe and think and focus, EVERY day (capitalized once more for emphasis), will center you and bring you back to earth. This is important for us humans even during non-holiday times. DO NOT fret; consider this non stress time a commandment from the universe, your Mom, Dad, or other authority figure. Set an alert on your phone for the same time every day if you can, or send yourself an email. Suggestions for your time out: look at a magazine, stay clear of technology, doodle, write a poem, drink some tea.  (Do NOT bring your cell phone with you on your time-out!)

2. LISTS and more LISTS
Duh, you already make lists, but try to have them with you at all times. If you are not a mobile list maker, get a small notepad just for the holiday season. Get specific. Break things down into tiny steps. ORGANIZATION – check your list or write it every morning or every evening. Spit it out on paper. All the to-dos for the day, all the gifts you need to purchase, the RSVPs (if you are fortunate to be invited to a multitude of holiday gatherings). I find doing this at night helps with sleep (absolutely critical, especially during “the” season). Just throwing it out there and writing it gets the tornado of thoughts out of the head and clears the brain for the lovely dreams you can anticipate (sugar plums may be involved or not). The list-making task will HELP you (me) not overspend as well. Only buy what is on your list (reminder to self).

I know- that’s funny isn’t it. You are probably saying “what, what?”. But I know from experience that it is oh so important to drink more water than you think you need during this season of hopping from work, to stores, to parties, to kitchen, to stores, to computer…you get the gist. (Without H2O, light-headedness, faintness, and ok thirstiness, will keep you in a cranky mood). I keep a S’well water bottle with me ALWAYS. In the car, in my tote, by the bed, in the office -  (Shameless plug for S’well  - my niece gifted me with one and this is not a paid endorsement, AMAZING… I won’t go into the benefits of drinking tons of water, you have heard them all by now. But it really, really does make a difference and helps fill you up if you are starving while out shopping, cleanses your system and keeps the blood flowing oh so nicely. (Hint for the starving shopper - Along with hydration, keeping the blood sugar fueled up without hitting the unhealthy options along the street or mall is vital to Holiday survival. Keeping an all-natural LARA bar in car or purse does the trick. Yum!

Maintain an  “Attitude of gratitude”. This is one of my favorite ways to stay positive, happy and healthy! Being grateful goes a long way towards bringing more things into our lives for which we can be grateful. It’s true. The more we are aware of how many things we have that fill us up, the more great things the universe will provide for us. I encourage you to try it….especially during this “season of giving”. Remember to give thanks daily for the ability to shop, eat, provide, or even for whatever seems like a chore or a “have – to”.  A quick suggestion - after checking items off of your to-do list (in afore-mentioned notepad), write a short gratitude list for the day. Each day you will discover more things for which you are grateful. I guarantee it!

Happy Holidaying and enjoy "the" season!

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