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Kim Selby


 It's always so great to redecorate a space, to infuse it with new energy whether through furniture, artwork or fresh paint. You may feel excited, more comfortable or proud, maybe even re-energized. Perhaps the space is more calming, or functional. 

I was thinking about my house, and how it needs some rugs, and new furniture, art work etc. We have lived here for going on 2 years, and although we initially purchased the necessities, like couches for perching and tables for dining, we don’t have all of the little tidbits that bring a house together. I choose to live in a relatively clean, uncluttered space, so I don’t want knick knacks, just a few pieces to bring warmth into the space. 

(not my house, I just love the bright colors!)

Decorating a house takes time. You generally don’t buy all new furniture in one fell swoop, rather you live in a space for a bit, and look at showrooms, magazines, pinterest, in order to choose what works best. Or, you hire a designer, someone outside of yourself, to help you.

I started thinking about changing our thought patterns, and how that is similar to redecorating and redesigning.  When you move, or redecorate a room or entire house, the new area glows. If you are successful, you will enter the space and feel warm and comforted. You will have created a sanctuary that feeds your soul and nourishes and 
rejuvenates your spirit.

What if we change our thought patterns, slowly, one at a time, in order to clear out the old and bring in some sparkly, new positive thoughts?  We can get rid of limiting beliefs about ourselves or our lives. Beliefs that may be holding us back from moving towards a more fulfilling life.  Thoughts such as, I am too old, it’s been done before, I’m not good enough….negative self talk which everyone experiences.  My suggestion is to take one of these outdated, unrealistic thoughts and throw it away. Put it in the compost pile, as it were, to be taken away on the next recycling day. Then when it is gone, take the new thought, all beautiful and pristine, the one you really want that makes your inside glow, and place it in your mind. Write it down, decorate it, think about it, absorb it’s beautiful new energy. I am enough, I have value, I can write a book, I’m not too old etc. Wouldn't that be re-energizing?  New habits take 21 days to grab hold. Working on one new belief every 21 days isn’t that much. Then our insides will be re-decorated, refreshed, rejuvenated. We glow when we feel great inside. How cool is that? I am the decorator of my soul. I’m re-freshing, cleaning up and nourishing my spirit!  

Should you need to reach for  decorating assistance there are a number of great books to help you boost your I recommend is, A WHOLEHEARTED LIFE, by Susyn Reeve, for suggestions on how to weekly change up your life and create greater happiness. Her week by week guide is simple and delightful.

You may also want to look for a coach, or employ a friend or family member to hold you accountable while you redecorate with fresh, positive thoughts.

Would love to hear what you think!

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  1. What a great analogy! Perfect for the shortest month of the year which, for some reason, feels like the looooooongest. If you can't access the sun outside, we can build one within. By tending that fire, we glow and by glowing, we shine our light and bring out warmth to everybody else. I'm re-decorating my thoughts in Farrow and Ball's Citron: