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Kim Selby

To Vacation or Holiday? The power of words.

I know that many of you across the country are bundled up at home, staring at the snow as it continues to fall, even as spring approaches. Perhaps your thoughts are wandering to locales where you are served a drink with an umbrella, where the weather is so warm you actually break a sweat (one that comes without shoveling snow).

What would you call that break you may be longing for?  Vacation? Or Holiday?

Ah, the power of words. I think the British have this one nailed down (even though they drive on the WRONG side of the street).  They go on Holiday!!!!!

To vacate, means an act or instance of vacating. Release or freedom from duty. Ok, not bad. But Holiday? – To me, that word conjures up visions of happiness, laughter, family, fun.  When I think of vacating, I can hear the fire drill in elementary school and the principal alerting us to vacate the premises. Sure that was kind of cool too, we got to get out of class. But it wasn’t a holiday!  Not a day off, like Christmas or Easter or President’s Day.

From now on I am only going on Holiday….fun, frivolity, family, adventures and laughter will abound on MY holidays!

I have learned over many years, and also quite recently, how powerful our words can be. By merely shifting one or two words, we can open ourselves up to possibilities. For instance, I am currently in an online coaching group. I said that I was going to “squeeze” in time to write 
today. Susyn Reeve, coach of our group and author of three inspiring books, suggested I change squeeze (think, jammed into a little space) to something like, I easily and effortlessly had the space to write an inspired blog post. AH HA moment! I changed the word and my mind shifted. LOOK, the result is a short, but well-intentioned blog post.

I also have the pleasure of participating in an in person coaching circle with Mary Welty-Dapkus. She constantly brings awareness to our words. I am now able to catch myself when I say something negative or draining. A quick switch, and my mood and energy are back on track. 

Simply changing "I can’t" to "I CAN" sends a powerful message to our brains. Takes practice, but I KNOW it works.

That's all.  Just wanted to share what happens when you create awareness around your words. I invite you to try it out, reframe, shift, change. Good for the brain and the soul!