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Kim Selby


I get it now. I really get it. I admit that I am a Bachelor/ette junkie. I love the drama, the

fashion, the romance, the intrigue. That show has it all. HOWEVER, I was as skeptical as

you probably are, about how these folks, who clearly want fame and air time, were able

to actually make a love connection in such a short time.

BUT – I just returned from an incredible week in the magical location of Bali. I went

with a TUT group (google it, A Mike Dooley creation, a Wonders of the

World tour, an adventurer's adventure. Mike is a best selling author of many books

including Infinite Possibilities and Manifesting Change. He also writes the ever popular

Notes from the Universe. I invite you to receive these in your email inbox daily….an

invigoratingly joyous way to start a day. (not a paid endorsement!)

Sample note from the universe...that universe sure knows what it's talking about....

Yes I digress. Back to the issue I brought up, accepting the rose. I traveled on this

special vacation with my fabulous husband of 25 years. I was not looking for romance.

Are you intrigued?

The hubster and I below enjoying a moment with a guide who led us through a unique blessing and purification process.

A TUT adventure tour is filled with like-minded people. Peeps who all believe that our

thoughts create our future, the law of attraction works and we can manifest that which we

desire.  Mike’s famous quote is “Thoughts are Things, so choose the good ones”!

It should have come as no surprise to me that at the end of the week, I was truly, deeply,

connected to many of the people who signed on for this adventure. Our laughter, sharing,

immediate bonding occurred in the airport on the way to our spectacular destination. We

were together day and night. In jeeps, long bus rides, on treks through rice paddies,

tumbling in the rain forest, sharing meals in Indonesian Sacred Temples, poolside,

sharing Bin Tangs….connections were forged and life long friendships were cultivated.

This trip was 7 days long, not counting the almost 20 hours of flying. 7 days. In one week

I can honestly say that my life was changed, enriched, enhanced by the people I met, the

belly laughs, the honest sharing.

So you see, I get it. I experienced how, in a short time, real honest to goodness feelings

can develop. The fame hungry women/men who may or may not be looking for a love

connection on that famous reality show, actually can make it work in some cases. It isn’t

a sham. We only need a short time if the right people are in place.

And now I ask all of those spectacular humans, with whom I had the honor of spending a week in Bali,


See how I put things I learned on this trip into action...if you are a female in the NYC area, 
NExT 2015 ,(created by myself and my good friend Beth Goehring)- an evening of exploration, inspiration, connection and laughter, might be for you.


  1. This is so beautiful! What a great writing! Loved your and your honey's spirit. What a blessed week!!! ♡ ♡

  2. You are the rose, Kim: a beautiful bloom and a gift to us all.