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Let it GO, Let it GROW, Let it GLOW!

As I began my (almost daily) yoga practice this morning, my lovely yoga instructor invited us to use the mantra Let it GO as our focus for practice. I both need and crave a group setting for my yoga. I would like to think I could maintain a daily practice in my beautiful and sometimes peaceful home, but for many reasons including community, hands on corrections and having someone hold me accountable and help me focus my thoughts, I head to a studio. (Oh that, and the distractions of a dog, facebook, phone, dishes, laundry…..)

If you practice yoga, you probably know how difficult it is to focus.That is unless of course you are an uber zen-like individual, highly evolved, able to still your monkey mind in an instant. Anyone?

My mind races around constantly, thus the nearly daily yoga practice. AND as you all probably know, we think between 60 and 90 thousand thoughts a day. I would imagine, I am upwards of that 90 number. Sometimes my thoughts are worrisome, annoying or anxiety inducing. On occasion, they are actually insightful and inspiring.

TODAY, my heart lifted, my soul sang and inspiration won. As I contemplated breathing in on the word LET, and out on GO, a thought swirled in and said, why don’t you try the word GLOW? Another thought bubble entered and said, or GROW?  I smiled outwardly and inwardly, thinking how powerful those two words can be. For the remainder of the practice I decided to focus on glow.  I really love that word. I mean, Express yourself and Shine! It is on my website it is my Facebook presence and so it just makes sense. Words that help me visualize a golden aura, or conjure up images of sparkle and bling, resonate with me. GLOW it was….

Throughout the practice, as I contorted, twisted, balanced, fell, sweated (glowed!), stood on my head, and finally relaxed, I attempted to bring my thoughts back to glowing. Toppling in tree pose, I actually felt myself grow taller and glow lighter. I visualized a golden light surrounding me. The thought of that made me smile and I pretended to glow. Making believe is the first step in manifesting!  I let go of the thoughts saying I should have perfect balance, and focused on growing my tree and shining my light. Some days that inner light shines brighter than others. 

Today I like to think I glowed and shone as I carried myself taller exiting the yoga studio. I felt lighter and brighter and you can’t beat that!

As I head out into my day, I’ll let you know if anyone needs to put on their sunglasses when they approach me.  Looking forward to seeing YOUR light shine…..No SPF required…..

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