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Kim Selby

The little things....

I was inspired to write something today because I was moved to tears by Cheryl Sandberg's latest post about her husband. The tragic ending of a life always seems to bring our own life into perspective. Too often we forget how remarkable the gift of life is. 

Even the fights we get into with our family members are precious. 
The splinters we get in our fingers - hey, we can feel them. 
We complain about a scorching hot day, or the foggy drizzle of a San Francisco summer. We can FEEL them. 

We are human, so of course we are going to complain, kvetch, moan. But it's also great to remember to take the time each day to pinch ourselves and glory in the pain of being alive. There is pain, there 
is joy, there are tears, laughter, exhaustion, frustration, elation.
HOW awesome that we get to FEEL these things both physically and emotionally. Aren't we lucky?

There are times each day that I look in the mirror and bemoan my wrinkles, my brown spots, and worry about the sagging and aging. When I wake up and this muscle hurts, or that toe aches, or, or, or. 

It really helps me to step back and say, "HEY" look at me. I'm living, I'm happy, I'm healthy.

As some of my yoga teachers say, "turn the sides of your mouth up".  I don't know about you, but sometimes just doing that small exercise can flip a switch and raise my endorphin level. I plan on doing that right now. does a body and brain good.

Today, I am thankful for the aches and pains, the ability to argue, cry, laugh, love and FEEL. I intend to enjoy the little things in life.....

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