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Kim Selby

At last, Living in the Present - a short heart- centered story

As I sit here trying to keep busy on the day before my husband’s open heart surgery, I think that I am truly practicing mindfulness for the first time. I am heart-centered! I am sending healing thoughts from my heart to his, I am focused and abnormally calm.

Being in the present moment, focusing on breath, along with countless hours of yoga have led me to this moment. Up until now,  I was pretending to practice mindfulness.  NOW, it really counts and I am actually able to find myself slowing my breath, focusing my mind and relaxing into what life has in store. 

There is, of course, that niggling underlying anxiety of the unknown. I don’t think I would be normal if I didn’t experience at least a little of the adrenaline that comes from the amygdallah and triggers that flight or fight. I know it’s normal, so I put it on the back burner of my mind’s stove. On the front burners I am choosing to place positive, optimistic, everything is going to work out the way it should, thoughts.

Whenever we are faced with the inevitable changes that life throws us, if we can be prepared that is awesome. Yet, how many times are we ready for the curve balls, the swerving cars, the open manhole into which you tumble?  Rarely.  I guess that is why we “practice” mindfulness, yoga, deep breathing, relaxation and meditation. We have to be ready for those inevitable changes in life that we must face. Whether it is children leaving the nest, caring for elderly parents, losing a job, or facing an illness, our practices will help us navigate through the difficult paths.

I guess I am writing this as a cathartic note to self. I also want to encourage others to take the deep breaths, learn to be present, enjoy every moment and surround yourself with those things and people that bring you a spark of joy. Doing so, will bring you comfort and ease when you fall in the manhole. You will be able to climb up the ladder and see the light and know that within you is the strength to get through whatever awaits on this journey of life.

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  1. This is just what Brene Brown's next book is about. She writes beautifully about being vulnerable, being present, and getting back up after a fall in RISING STRONG. While we wait for this to come out, we can read her earlier book, DARING GREATLY. Kim, my love and best wishes for David's full, quick recovery are with you!