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Kim Selby

It's the New YEAR! Let's PRETEND!

Hey so let's forget about New Year, New YOU!  We can have a NEW US every single day. All we have to do is wake up and say.....hello world, I'm going to reinvent myself today and be the best me possible. 

HAHAHA, sometimes it's hard to do that. So I am going to pretend every day. Pretend that I feel great, even when I feel a bit less than. I am going to PRETEND that I have my own You Tube interview show called Conversations with Kim, or some other really clever title. I am going to PRETEND that I am fabulously wealthy and can travel first class to visit all my friends. I am going to PRETEND that I have adventures lined up which will energize me, delight me, inspire me and lead me to the greatest heights imaginable.

How about you?

Here is my poetic attempt to wish you all the best for a SPECTACULAR 2016!  YOU (WE) deserve it!

It’s happened again, another year gone by
So much we accomplished and if not, why?

Were there thrilling adventures that fed your soul?
Conversations with old friends? Oh so droll?

Did you meet new peeps that became part of your tribe?
Who made you laugh and feel oh so alive?

I did  - so grateful, you know who you are,
Sending love to each of you near and far.

Perhaps this new year will find you searching
And you will land on a mountain top, silently perching
Image result for mountain top images

Looking within as you search for your path
Or the answers may come as you soak in a bath,

Wherever you go may discoveries abound,

Bringing peace and laughter and a love that astounds!

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