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Kim Selby

It's February - How are those resolutions going?

What does February say to you? Bleak and gloomy in most parts of the country (and

some of the world), it’s kind of an in between month. In my brain I see the months as

having a color. Weird right?  Always have. February is icy blue. Crystalline and actually

sparkling. (I like my bling!) It’s like a snowflake if I had to find an object to describe this

month. February brings us one step closer to warmer and longer days regardless of 

what my weather app (or the outside rain) tells me.

For many, Feb can be kind of depressing, and Seasonal Affective Disorder rages in.

WHAT do we do to counteract this? Short of buying a sun lamp, or heading south, we

need to conjure up our own version of warmth and open our hearts to positivity. If you

didn’t accomplish your goals last month, it’s time to sparkle on and think about what’s

next.  I’m all about taking a teeny tiny step towards whatever it is that soars in your soul.

OR perhaps a teeny tiny step to clean out your closet, garage, make up bag!

It’s also telling to figure out why you didn’t get to those things on your list of resolutions.

Were you making them just because of peer pressure? Well guess what?  NO ONE

expects you to do any of that this month. SOOOOO…..maybe it’s time to take a tiny step

in the direction of something YOU truly want instead of the cutting back on carbs, or

stopping the nightly wine….the things that perhaps others think are good goals. Time

maybe for a tiny step towards something you really truly want. A new hairstyle?  Google

celebs you admire. Cleaner house?  One drawer at a time. New career? One visit to

Linked-in a day.

Brief aside here - I learned all about teeny tiny steps when I became certified as a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach a few years ago. (Jill Badonsky I don’t know how to credit her properly, hope this does it. Thank you Jill!)

 Taking baby steps is the Kaizen way. Japanese in origin, Kaizen means continuous

improvement through small steady steps.  I am not a practicing creativity coach, but

becoming certified opened my eyes as to how I act and react and gave me tools to move

me through times when I am stuck. One of the most important tools is taking small steps.

I find this particularly helpful right about now in the year. I get frustrated because I have

so many great ideas, things I want to accomplish – a you tube channel talk show, events

for women with The Three Tomatoes, growing my J Hilburn (men’s custom clothing)

team, along with nourishing myself and my family. WHOA, overwhelming. For some

reason February hits me that way. SO, what do I do….

Teeny tiny steps…..that’s how I move on. Does that bring me what I need to get through

the second month of the year?  Why yes, yes it does. Every day I make my list and focus

on one thing I absolutely am determined to accomplish. The list is looooong. However, I

circle the one thing I know I can get done, or want to do, and once it is completed, I shout

hooray, do a happy dance and USUALLY move on to finishing a few other tasks as well.

THAT makes me sparkle!   The Jordin Sparks song, “One Step at a Time” is ringing in

my ears at the moment. (it’s a good one, download it!) One step a time won’t make the

blues of winter go away, but if you put some fun and uplifting tasks on your own list, and

celebrate YOU when you complete something, February may become your favorite


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