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Kim Selby

Express Yourself and Shine!


Yes, this has been my website name for a LONG time because it felt right. Now I am owning it. I am stepping into the creation of workshops for women. - for ladies, gals, tiara wearing princesses, yoga pant wearing females, moms, mums, grandmoms - I want to help them all open up to more joy, laughter and even vulnerability.

I have been wondering daily for years, if today’s me is who I will be tomorrow, next week, in 6 months or in 5 years.  I am always searching for who I truly am.  I participate in on-line classes, attend workshops, read all manner of self-discovery books and subscribe to way more newsletters than I could ever have time to fully absorb. I do these things with the underlying goal of becoming a better person yes, but also hoping to uncover what it is I was meant to do or be in this lifetime (yes I am one of those who believes that we live many times – practicing until we get it right).  For a long while I have thought that there is one thing out there waiting for me to do it or find it in order to fulfill my soul’s purpose. Consistently and constantly I have been searching for that one thing.

However, I also believe that we surge through different stages in our life, along with our many different ages. Obviously as wee ones, our soul purpose was different than it is now But that underlying love of play should remain consistent within us – but that’s a different topic!

SO here’s my little aha moment. you all probably knew this, but it has come as a gradual realization into my body. We don’t just have to do ONE thing (at a time or ever) to fulfill our purpose. Some folks do and that’s super cool that they have found something that works for them, feeds their soul, their bank account, their being. Most of us, not so much. Throughout my years, I have had many careers and jobs and have participated in a myriad of volunteer opportunities. As life moves forward and we grow and morph, often our purpose shifts.

HOWEVER I also believe that at the very essence of our beings, the core of our soul ,   we know what we have always loved to do. We know what lights us up and brings a smile to our face and a lift to our heart. The things we have done that have moved us forward, that have floated our boat, kept us sane, filled us with light –those are the qualities and attributes that have been with us since birth and never depart. Those qualities should remain with us in each of the different stages/jobs/tasks in life.

As I was interviewed today by the fabulous Ronnie Joy Krasner, ( I realized that everything I have done up until now has been on task. I have been fulfilling my purpose at every stage of life. It has kind of remained the same.  Basically, trying to make people happy.  Now it is through empowering women of a certain age! (“cuz that’s where I am!)

I love hearing people laugh at something I said, or seeing a smile on someone’s face when they realize they really are beautiful and CAN step out and own their own personal style.

I guess what I’m saying to any of you reading this is - own everything you have done up until now – all of your efforts in life have brought you to this point. Don’t stop, keep going and learning and growing. If you don’t know what it is you were meant to do, take a look at your life and realize you have most likely already done it, or are in the midst of it or can do it.

Yup, I rambled and thanks for reading.

Meanwhile if you or someone you know wants to “Unleash their Inner Diva and Shine”, let me know and I’ll guide you with laughter and joy!

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  1. You know what else flits from thing to thing? A butterfly, a hummingbird, a bee...all beautiful, all productive, all nurturing and creative, all absolutely necessary to the ecosystem. And don't they make us happy just by being themselves?