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Kim Selby



Get "lit" with conversations that will encourage you to share your light!  If you are struggling to get motivated, know there is more for you in this life or you feel stuck in a rut. I'm here for YOU!  We all have a spark inside and right now the world needs our light. Sometimes our lights get dimmed and we need to re-ignite the spark that is waiting to glow. I invite you to listen to me weekly as I share musings and interviews with entrepreneurs, coaches, entertainers, authors, spiritual leaders, artists and really cool people who will inspire and motivate you. Occasionally I will share my own tips and tricks for getting "lit". Who is Kim Selby - your host?  A motivator, fashionista, yogi, dancer, performer. I am aging gracefully into my 3rd act. I have had careers in fashion, advertising, publishing, writing and have produced hundreds of fashion shows.I am a certified creativity coach, women's workshop facilitator, professional talker. I look forward to connecting with you every week!


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