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Kim Selby


I am passionate about empowering women so that they can delight in all that life has to offer. Through the Three T’s I have found an outlet to inform you all about goings on that appeal to tomatoes. If you are new to this newsletter you may be wondering what I am referring to when I use the word tomato. In addition to being a yummy and healthy fruit - a “Tomato” is a retro term from the “Mad Men” era to describe a woman who exudes confidence and knows her way around. Tomatoes are not defined by age or labels like boomers, but are all about living and enjoying life fully, at every age and every stage. Yeah us!

I invite you to join me and delight in the best of NYC, LA and San Francisco!

I also Co-Host The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast - wherever you listen in!

Follow the link to check it out and sign up to receive the newsletter.

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